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Be My Own, BEMO

BEMO proposes a smart home environment that empowers animal companions to independently lead their lives. Our furry friends, the youngest members of our family, can now shape their lives according to their own choices and preferences, without having to depend on others for assistance. How about we look into the daily lives of those who take initiative through BEMO?
Beloved Life Companions: Our Furry Friends
Expressing Love to Our New Family Members

It's the era of nurturing approximately 13 million pets.
In South Korea, one out of every four households lives alongside adorable furry companions.
These little friends stand by us, offering immense strength and comfort as cherished members of our families.

Lots of pet companions give a part of their lives to care for their beloved animals, sometimes even putting their pet's needs ahead of their own.
It's just normal now to give up a good view for a cat tower and let our pets take over the bed and sofa.
Usable, But Uncontrollable
Pets lack the environment to lead their own lives

Furthermore, we try to improve our pet's quality of life by buying Pet Tech products. However, as of now, it's us humans who operate and control these products.
These products sometimes make sudden noises and movements that startle our pets, and they don't have control over them.

If the products are made for our animal companions, shouldn't they be able to use them for themselves when they want to?
Even though we've come to see our animal companions as beloved family members, they still lack the environment to shape their own lives.
It's absurd, given that they spend more time at home than anyone else in the family!
Let’s Make Own Life
A new future where pets lead their own lives

Providing our pets the chance to lead their own lives is a way for us to show our deepest respect for them as their companions.
From the past, our pets have made every decision about their daily needs like food, clothing, and shelter for themselves.
Even in our shared lives, they've learned to associate actions with consequences and have expressed their intentions to us.

This realization leads us to understand that our pets are independent beings with distinctively unique worlds.
They deserve every means to shape the environment they desire for their own happy lives.
How wonderful would it be if our pets could use home appliances made just for them whenever they wish to, just as we turn on the air conditioner in hot weather?

Be My Own, BEMO

BEMO, a new future for a companion family
We dream of a future where our pets, the youngest of the family,
can lead their lives based on their will and decisions without someone else's help.
BEMO presents a new message so that our pets can live more enriched lives.
A new day for pets

We are going to start from the essentials. BEMO's three home appliances, 'Grumr', 'Huntr', and 'Nestr' are made based on our pet's basic needs for clothing, food, and shelter, such as grooming, hunting, etc.
These three make up one perfect system, facilitating a small but secure space for our family's furry friends. Imagine a new day for your pet with BEMO.
A new mechanism with which our pets will see the world

BEMO offers a new mechanism for the pet's world. Their world has a sensory dimension that is different from ours.
Unlike us, who mainly use our hands to control products, our pets control their environment by using different sensory languages, such as scratching with their feet or pulling with their mouth.
Moreover, their world consists only of special colors! Based on this, BEMO sets a new standard for pet-friendly appliances, with yellow as the main color.

A small but secure space just for the family's youngest member

The future we dream of, a fresh new start of Smart Home that pets make.
We introduce ‘Grumr’, ‘Huntr’, and ‘Nestr’.
Be My Own, Grumr
A smooth and clean experience seeping through the fur

Just like we use a drying machine after washing our clothes, our pets take care of the fur, which is their clothes, through sunlight to prevent fungal skin infections.
'Grumr' started from the pets' behavior of climbing up to a higher place at home or sitting in the window and putting their paws on the sill, all to get more sunlight.
Once our pets place their paws on the yellow trigger, just like they put their paws on the windowsill, they can feel a warm light that replaces the sunlight and smell a natural botanical scent.
A pleasant feeling like basking in the sun on an ocean sunbed seeps through your pets' fur. 'Grumr' provides a new experience of enjoying the touch of nature regardless of time."
Be My Own, Huntr
A fresh and enjoyable experience of vital diet

What if our pets could eat fresh food when they want to, just as we take food out of the refrigerator when we want to?
Just like they used to hunt for fresh meals when they were hungry in the wild.
'Huntr' started from an animal's special instinct to enjoy hunting.
Once your pets pull a yellow ball that reminds them of the sensory experience of hunting, a freshly prepared meal appears in front of them.
Without having to wait for someone to prepare their meals for them, pets can enjoy fresh and entertaining meals, just like hunting for themselves.
Be My Own, Nestr
A refreshing experience of pleasant temperature on the skin

Our pets have higher body temperatures than us and thus are more susceptible to heat.
They want a cool space in the house, just like we make our environment cool and pleasant with an air conditioner.
Similar to digging into cool soil to drop their body temperature in the past, they now take a rest in the entryway or veranda floor made of cold marble.
'Nestr' started from the pets' kneading, digging, and scratching behaviors for making spaces pleasantly cool.
Once your pet scratches the trigger yellow sticks, the floor cools down with a pleasant breeze, so that your pet can rest cozily just like lying on a wooden bedstead.
Through BEMO, we are connected

BEMO is a new channel that keeps pets and their guardians always connected.
Experience a world where pets and their guardians become one.
Through this, guardians can understand and communicate with their pets more deeply, making our relationship more profound and meaningful.
Growing closer with every moment

Even when we are far apart, we are still together. Because BEMO offers a new dimension of connection!
Without even accessing the app, we can connect in real-time through various methods, always feeling the presence of each other.
Interpreting the Language of Pets

The three products of BEMO naturally collect pets’ daily data such as meal portions, weight, and body temperature while pets use them.
Furthermore, by encompassing overall information including home environment and medical data, they delicately read the emotions of pets.
Connected through a single narrative.

These gathered fragments of data come together to form a single, but big narrative.
Through BEMO, guardians can wrap up their day checking the stories written by their pets.
And through delicate analysis of this narrative, we can respond quickly to their minds and emotions without missing even the small signals of pets that were hard to catch before.
More sophisticated, More Smart

Also, BEMO aggregates the data and smartly proposes a customized experience.
Just like 'Nestr' quickly catches the weight change of a pet that needs to manage its weight well due to its weak patella, and 'Huntr' controls the amount of meals!
Through this smart environment, pets can live a healthy and enjoyable life with us for longer.
Beyond simple convenience, BEMO makes every moment of us more valuable.
Values for Families Living with Companion Animals
With BEMO, our animal companions can now shape their lives according to their choices and preferences, without having to depend on guardians for assistance.
In the process, we can understand them better to build a deeper relationship as lifelong companions.
BEMO offers a new possibility for animal companions to live a more fulfilling life. Imagine a new daily life together, beyond a simple coexistence for a more meaningful companionship.

Be My Own, BEMO
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