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Invisible to Visible, SCOP

SCOP offers a new way for Generation Z, who are novices inside and outside their home, to manage every nook and cranny of their houses in a simple, smart way. Cleaning no long means sweeping and mopping, but a moderate amount of indifference and disregard. As long as you are with SCOP which will do house work for you!

Invisible To Visible

Household chores are yet another 'work' for those
who only recently started living on their own.
Invisible chores are easily disregarded.

Even if you are tired, visible house chores have a way of making us lift our bodies and move to maintain our living. For example, doing the laundry because we don't have any fresh towels,
washing the dishes because we have no clean dishes, or cleaning the table to eat.
But what about the invisible house works?
Robot vacuums can be our Companions that know the house better than us.
We suggest a way for Generation Z who live alone in 1) a small house of an average of 60㎡, and
2) who use a limited number of home appliances, 3) infrequently to keep their home cleaner in a simpler, smarter way.

Scope your Life, SCOP
Introducing SCOP family

SCOP consists of SCOP-Hub, a robot vacuum that cleans the entire house and collects information, and SCOP-Humi & SCOP-Odor, which are modules that solve the humidity and smell problems that the Hub detected and collect more detailed information in more detailed corners. They share information they collected with each other and suggests us a smarter way of doing the house chorses.
New Gestures of Cleaning
No more 'sweeping'. just shove it on the floor.
Let’s SCOP
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    This is how Generation Z cleans
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(0) Scope Space

Simply activate SCOP and examine your house thouroughly.
You will find out not only the structure or size of the house, but also the blind spots.
(1) Sense Place

SCOP-Hub moves around the house and detects changes in the environment.
It usually moves and scans changes in the space when you leave home or at the time you set.
Change-sensitive SCOP
The change-sensitive SCOP reacts sensitively to changes in the house like humidity, smell, etc.
You don't need to check the humidity of the house on rainy days; SCOP-Hub has already started working for you.
SCOP knows your home better than you do.
The nimble SCOP will always move one step ahead of you to the corner of your house that needs to be managed.
You simply need to check later what SCOP has smartly done for you.
Invisible to Visible
SCOP makes the invisible visible.
What difference does SCOP change anyway?
Let us show you!
(2) Have a casual attitude
SCOP Affordance recommended to you in the right place at the right time
With a simple action, place Odor and Humi in corners of your house where SCOP-Hub can't reach, in the right place at the right time.
With SCOP, cleaning no longer means sweeping and mopping every corner of your house. Simply put them in places that Hub detected for you.
More locations and more accurate information
Odor and Humi placed inside your house solve problems at certain corners and detect more detailed information and subtle changes.
(3) Predict the best way

With the collected data, SCOP learns to work more smartly.
Rather than simply solving the detected problems in your house,
SCOP will prepare more useful things in a more suitable way.
(1) Compact Home UI
You are already too busy so at least housework should be easy for you.
We will show just what you need with minimum depth in design.
(2) We have our own small RULES
Your small house has your own small rules. SCOP will trace and document every detail of your household chores.
Among these, the recurring patterns will be registered to the SCOP Log so that you can use them when you need to.
(3) Suggest Invisible Things
No two persons who live alone live in the same place. SCOP knows you and your home's unique qualities. SCOP recommends the right type of housework for you,
based on your lifelog and the home structure it detected. How can it be hard when you simply have to do what it says?
Keep a casual mindset till the end
  • SCOP’ll scope your life
    Extensibility of SCOP
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Finding nooks and crannies of your house

SCOP detects what people cannot detect in the unreachable places.
Therefore, you will be able to find your house's weak points. Do you have pets?
The dust module will automatically start working!
Experience a smarter house work with SCOP's expendability.
What Scop found

SCOP helps Generation Z who have started flying solo and who are novices at work
and home to keep the house pleasantly clean by not exhausting their already exhausted bodies.
You can enjoy a smart house life even if you live in a small house due to weaker economic power
or even if you have a limited number of home appliances.

Why would taking care of your house be hard? When SCOP will do it all for you.
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