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Go Anywhere, Sync!

Sync is a way for Generation Z to enjoy their own unique weight training regardless of where they are. With portable weight training equipments and service that helps you keep consistent routines, you can now enjoy your own exercise at home, at a hotel and even outdoor. Sync provides a workout experience that fits me in many places. Experience a new training paradigm!

New Training Paradigm For Generation Z
At-home workouts, the rhythm of Generaion Z

Members of Generation Z fill up their everyday lives with routines.
They routinize everything of the day or week. They set up their routines, stick to them, and feel satisfied.
Health care is one of the most important routines to them, and more individuals of Generation Z are starting to exercise at home for their health.
For Generation Z who wants to make everyday routines and document themselves,
At-home exercise means more than just "working out at home"; it means "a personalized rhythm of my own" to maintain their exercise routine.
Change Of Location,
The Disruption Of Generation Z’s Rhythm

When does Generation Z's rhythm become disturbed? There are many occasions when they cannot maintain their rhythm. For example, they may develop health issues, or experience a change of locations or plans. Among these, we focused on traveling or moving their location from inside to outside.
This is because unlike other instances, people cannot simply solve them on their own will.

Change of location is normal for Generaion Z. Unplanned one-day trip or vacation abroad, glamping with friends, or living in a foreign country or Jeju Island for a month,
these are all common for Generation Z.
This kind of traveling and moving can disrupt the flow of their everyday routines.
Generation Z wants to maintain their rhythm outside the house

More than 70% of Generation Z who work out at home prefer to keep their usual workout routines even when there is a location change. However, only a few of them do so. This is because it is difficult to carry their exercise equipment with them.

Weights are the most used items when Generation Z works out at home. Different sets of weights are required while doing weight training exercises, but it is too heavy to carry all of them with you. Also, with the change of location, it is harder for them to maintain their usual workout routine but making a new one is a nuisance. This problem puts a halt to the rhythm of Generation Z, who keep their routines for their health.

▶ More Detailed UX Process
Next-home workouts that will maintain Generation Z's rhythm

Generation Z needs a way to maintain their rhythm even when there is a change of location. The experience and environment where they can be consistent with their routines regardless of location should be provided. In other words, they should be able to maintain their daily flow no matter where they are.

Go Anywhere, Sync!
Whenever and wherever, Sync!

Sync allows you to use weights that have been previously only used at home, regardless of where you are. Being lightweight and portable, you can carry them wherever you want. Moreover, Sync's application service helps you to be consistent with your workout routine in any location. Enjoy your personalized exercises at home, at a hotel, or even outdoors!
How To Use Sync!
Measuring your physical abilities and setting goals
Preparing to make your workout routine

Let's get ready to start Sync. First, enter your body sizes and measure your exercise capability. Then add in detailed goals of your exercise.
Personalized workout routine to achieve your goal

Based on the information you typed in, check out the recommended workout routines to reach your set goal. Once you've chosen one out of the three recommended routines, Sync will tell you the exercise moves you can do in your current location.
Enjoy your own workout routines at home
Working out at home, where you spend most of your time

Let's work out at home using Sync. If it is where you frequently exercise, like your home, you don't need to register the place each time you work out. With Sync, you can register your frequently used locations. Since Sync remembers each corner of your house where you frequently exercised, such as in front of a door or a living room wall, you can start your workout routine right away. Turn corners of your home into your workout Zone with Sync!
With Sync, you can practice about 130 exercise moves.
You can enjoy full-body weight training using your upper body, lower body, and core strength. This helps you to make your personalized workout routines and choose the exercise that suits you.
Enjoying a variety of weight training

Start your training wherever you want with portable Sync!
With Flat, you can receive your InBody measurement results to get a recommended workout routine that suits you or check out feedback while working out. With Heavy, you can do various cable exercises, adding weights up to 30kg on each side by turning dials.
You can attach Heavy to Flat to use them on the floor, or attach it to other workout equipment and place them anywhere you want.
Work Out In Any Place You Want
Have to travel unexpectedly? Don't worry!

Even when you have an unavoidable trip somewhere, you can carry your Heavy with other workout equipment in a case with Flat.
Instead of heavy-weight training equipment that you use at home, you can keep up with your exercise routine with the portable Sync.
Just pack only the necessary equipment depending on where you're going!
Providing flexible workout routines that suit spatial conditions

Once you have arrived at your accommodation, scan the place with your camera. Sync will scan the spatial information of your lodging and recommend an effective workout routine based on the size and limits of the space. With Sync, you can find out what exercise moves you can practice at your location fast and easily.
Have you finished scanning and choosing the exercise you want to do at your accommodation?
Based on this, Sync provides various tips to carry out your workout routine perfectly, even in unfamiliar spaces.

With a space utilization guide, you can figure out the available space for the exercise and move chairs and tables to the side for additional moves. Furthermore, it tells you where to put your mobile device, which shows you workout videos and detects your moves, and also where you can place the board for the exercise. Lastly, it recommends song playlists that match your workout routines, allowing you to have more fun.

With Sync, you don't have to be afraid of unfamiliar spaces!
More accurate moves with real-time feedback

Now, let's start the exercise. The motion detector on your mobile device will recognize your moves in real-time, giving you voice feedback if you are posing the wrong way. Just like a personal workout trainer, it analyzes your moves precisely, helps you maintain a proper posture, and lets you know how to maximize the exercise effect.
Exercise with Sync's feedback to see your posture improving!
Enjoy a more precise and effective exercise by using a board. During the exercise, it counts how many moves you have made and measures your balance. Also, it helps you to work out with the proper posture by showing you the right feet position and angles when you exercise on the board. This helps you to make more accurate moves.

Once the exercise is done, the board measures your InBody so that you can check your physical condition. It allows you to see your workout results and goals more clearly.
Achieve Your Goals With Routines
Grow with your routines

How did you find the new workout routine?
Sync doesn't stop working even when the exercise is over. It updates your workout routine based on its difficulty and your satisfaction.
Check out how far you have come to reaching your goal by seeing body and exercise feedback!
Sync, A Tool To Express Yourself
Sync, a tool of uniqueness and communication

At a hotel, in a city, or at a park.

Wherever you are, share your exercise with your friends with Sync!
Showing yourself exercising wherever you are can be a tool to express your unique personality depending on where you exercise,
and it can also be a way of communicating with others. Inspire and be inspired, and enjoy healthier days with Sync!

Value For Generation Z: A New Training Paradigm
Sync is more than a guide to help with your at-home workouts; it allows you to experience workout routines wherever you are, free from spatial constraints like 'home'. Furthermore, it provides you with a workout experience that 'fits' you by allowing you to exercise freely in various places. Experience a new paradigm of training with Sync!
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