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Every moment of you, Hausik

We often dream of a true home we want to live in. A house that takes care of me with warmth, provides a resting place, knows me the best, and is emotionally connected to me. Hausik learns the feelings, habits, and patterns in our subconscious mind, correspondingly turning the place into a thoughtful, responding home. Meet your own Emotionally Connected Home.
Emotionally Connected Home, Hausik
It understands and responds to my small habits and feelings.

Just like my family who knows me the best, Hausik the HUB ecosystem to build the Next Home that apprehends the smallest habits and feelings in my behavior, responds flexibly according to user's situations, and provides care. It is the HUB ecosystem to build the Next Home.

We often dream of a true home we want to live in.

A house that takes care of me with warmth, provides a resting place, knows me the best, and is Emotionally Connected Home to me. Hausik dreams of my own Emotionally Connected Home that learns the feelings, habits, and patterns in the user's subconscious mind, empathizing with and supporting the users. Build your personalized home with Liner/Face/Lay, which will be the first step to building a thoughtful home. Next Home experience for Generation Z, Hausik.
Where do your feelings gather?

We experience various feelings every day. We sometimes cry and sigh when we are sad, sing when we are happy, and search for enjoyable activities to relieve the stress when we are angry. Then where do these truthful feelings most naturally appear?
'Home', where we can be our truest selves.

It is our 'home' where anyone can most truthfully express our feelings. Our home contains our most appreciated values and provides a place where we can express ourselves as who we are. It also allows us to shed tears that we have held back during the day and lay down our burdens to take a rest. Our home is where we can be ourselves unpretentiously and most naturally.
We want our home to know us better.

Our home is a place of life where we are born, grow, and spend a long time until we take our last breath. It is where we are dissolved into, and at home, we can meet ourselves in more detail. Then, shouldn't the most important things at home be how secure 'you' feel in it, how comfortable 'you' are in it, and how truthful 'you' can be in it? For example, while you may normally go straight into the shower once you come home, on some days you just lay on the sofa for hours and realize how hard your day has been. Like this, your house should always put 'you' in the center.

Finally, the home we truly dream of could be a place that knows you better than you do and sensitively apprehends our feelings. It would provide an environment that considers not only the external factors but also our hidden feelings so that we can find solace and rest in it.

We construct a 'home' called life, which contains every aspect of us.

Building a new Hub ecosystem to comprehend the user's sentimental habits, for more thoughtful empathy and response.
We offer the first step for the Next Emotionally Connected Home, which comprehends, interprets and responds to the user's emotions.
01. Liner

For more thoughtful reaction,
it freely collects data by spreading a previously fixed location more diversely.

Even the simplest actions, like taking off your backpack when you get home, can change depending on your feelings of the day.

You may normally take off your backpack and put it neatly in the designated corner, but on busy days you may just shove it at the front door. Sometimes you are so tired that you just sit down with your backpack still on. Like this, even the simplest act of taking off your backpack shows differently depending on your feelings and situations.

Therefore, our house should be able to read the context and emotions in our behaviors more precisely and provide us with the environment that suits us.
02. Liner & Lay ( + )

Caring with more abundant data,
It delivers optimized reactions considering the user's feelings.

Just like a person who woke up first in the house would get ready without opening the curtain for those who are still asleep, our actions contain more feelings and intentions beyond simple convenience. These actions filled with emotions have valuable meanings such as empathy and consolation, therefore delivering touching sentiments and forming stronger bonds or relationships.

Apprehending the user's condition after a hard day and remembering what the user did to relieve stress in the past to suggest a resting environment. From this set of thoughtful reactions that look into your life closely, you will be able to experience not just convenience, but emotional care and comfort as well. Our emotions will be more refined in a house that we are dissolved in, and will be meaningfully strengthened.
03. Face

Always near the user,
it communicates and proposes basing on our emotions.

Human eyes are one of the most effective tools to deliver abundant messages as much as human mouth. Looking at someone in the eyes forms bondage, allowing us to feel emotions that are not spoken in words. Therefore, to truly understand someone, we need to have a close heartfelt conversation and look at each other in the eye.

Just like old friends who can read minds just by their gazes, our home needs kind, empathetic eyes that quickly understand and learn our emotions. The space filled with these kinds of communications will add loving relationships and happiness to the house.
Next Home that observes my tiniest habits and considers my feelings

Through this ecosystem, the house will become a place that contains everything,
not just habits but feelings, and will respond to you flexibly, giving you the encouragement and comfort you need.

04. Cube

Through your habits, find yourself dissolved in the house.

We all become our truest selves and show our inner habits at home. Your habits and feelings contain your day. We write a diary in the hope that you can document your emotions of fleeting moments. However, if you don't document it yourself or take a picture of it, memories wear out and your day remains just another normal day.

The house that resembles you will remember it all for you. Your information documented on Liner and Face will be transported to Cube. Through Habit and Action, your house will embrace you and will begin to resemble you. Try looking into your habits and emotions that you were so used to so didn't realize that they existed. Your everyday life will be documented and become more colorful, giving a more concrete shape to yourself. Observing you, your home will also grow into a space that knows you the best.
A. Check out your habit on Cube

You should always be able to document your day and feelings, even when you are too busy. Hausik automatically documents your habits and feelings for you, so that you can look back on them and not let them pass by. Just like a diary that has been written without being noticed.
B. Control Habits & Action

You should always be able to easily manage the ecosystem because it is a house made for you! Discover the process Habit and Action was created through a thoughtful system and revise them easily. With Cube, understanding and controlling the system are possible. Try modifying the recommendations and adding more options.
C. Connect my home and me

Your home will be in your hands.
Easily connect and control the Hausik products that make up your home. You can set the alarm, format and other options on Face. You can also manage appliances that are connected to the ecosystem, including those products Lay. is attached to.
The House I know understands me.
The House I know is emotionally connected with me.
Providing the Care experience through Habits & Action

We deal with emotions in different ways.
Some people dance when they are happy, while others like to meditate in peace. Like this, we approach our emotions in different ways.

Hausik respects all users' emotions.
Hausik doesn't provide the 'emotional relief' itself, but the 'environment where you can relieve your emotions' and assists the action. The service and products quietly carry out their role of considering the user and providing care, coordinating the action with the user's situations and feelings. This allows us to focus solely on our emotions and deal with them in our own ways.
Making a 'home' that knows you better than anyone through 'you', a remote that can control the house

Hausik expands the value of the home to a place where our emotions are vividly gathered.
It perceives our feelings and conditions in our subconscious behaviors, observes the entire context including our actions, changing the home into a place that understands our course of life.

To a place where you can discover yourself
Hausik will allow you to focus on your feelings and shed light on the meaning of home as a place that supports you. It will help you realize your steps of growth, remembering your past self through documenting your momentary emotions. Through this, the concept of 'you' will become clearer, and you will be able to find yourself to grow.
Every moment of you

Every moment of you, Hausik
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