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Have to? We want to; onetwo

Generation Z doesn't hesitate to express themselves, and sustainability is also a part of their identities they want to show to others. Onetwo provides an opportunity to proactively 'Flex' on sustainable dining, as something you 'want to do' naturally, not something you 'have to do' for the sake of the environment. Enjoy the entire journey of preparing your meal with onetwo, as something you can 'Flex' with sustainability!
Overly packed foods in refrigerator, do we really need them?

We have filled our refrigerator with more than necessary, wanting a bigger one every time it runs out of storage. Most foods in the fridge are thrown away without being consumed. Cutting food waste in half can reduce carbon emissions by 11%, but we're paradoxically buying appliances for disposing of discarded food. This contradiction is a key issue in environmental pollution, far from sustainability.

Isn't it time for a new dining that prioritizes consuming ingredients healthily and in quantities we can actually finish?
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    Characteristics of Generation Z
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Generation Z, the trendsetters and influencers

Therefore, we suggest a sustainable dining for Generation Z, who are in the center of the next generation lifestyle and consumer culture. As they are cultural 'Front runners', it is the most contemporary and forward-looking thing to do to change the consumer trend of Generation Z. Generation Z, who doesn't hesitate to 'show-off' their personalities, are the influencers who will lead a new consumer culture.
Then how are Generation Z
enjoying sustainable food dining?

In a healthy, delicious, and confident way

In fact, Generation Z are just as interested in sustainable dining as other generations, and are practicing it in many ways. 'One plate challenge', which we can see frequently on their social media, is a way to see how much one eats at glance and a way to reduce detergent use with less dish washing. With over 120,000 posts on Instagram, it's their popular sustainable practice. They're also embracing balanced diets, vegetarianism, and eco-conscious choices. Gen Z proudly enjoys sustainable food their way!
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    Painpoints of Generation Z
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Plenty of interest, but what aboud consistent act?

Generation Z needs motives for 'themselves' even when they practice sustainable food culture.

Even in practicing sustainable eating habits, Generation Z needs personal motivation. While they understand the importance and have an interest in sustainable eating, they find it challenging to practice consistently due to a lack of strong personal motivation that resonates with them.

  • Solution Direction
    Motivation of Generation Z
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So how can we motivate Generation Z?

For Generation Z, who are willing to express and everything, showcasing an actively practiced healthy lifestyle can serve as a familiar and potent motivator. Therefore, targeting the upcoming Generation Z, by creating a desire to showcase sustainable eating habits to others, we aim to propose design solutions that encourage the formation of a sustainable dining.
"Flex", a clear motive for Generation Z

"Onetwo" presents sustainable dining as something you 'want to' do, instead of something you 'have to' do for the sake of the environment. So that every process of preparing for meal without waste becomes a part of your personality that you can take pride in!
  • Solution
    Food Station for Generation Z’s Sustainable Dining
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The suitable refrigerator, the first step to sustainable dining

For Generation Z's healthy eating habits to become a source of pride, sustainable food consumption is essential. Onetwo proposes a new refrigerator to the high percentage of single-person households in Generation Z. It ensures consumption of the right food portions. Transforming the conventional 'food warehouse' into a 'Station' that stores only essential ingredients, with Onetwo, practicing sustainable eating becomes effortlessly cool and easy!
Food Station;
a sustainable change that starts from your fridge
#1 Making purchase and storing ingredients Fit!

Now, you don't need to buy excessive ingredients anymore. Through the market, purchase precisely portioned meal ingredients, and store the delivered packages right in the Station. Even while cooking, simply take out the package without cluttering your space.
Here's how we purchase ingredients at Onetwo!

1. Plate Exploration and Voting

If you're unsure about what to eat every day, take a look at your friends' plates! Have you come across fate-filled plates on your feed? If so, you can vote to support the creation of the selected meal prep. When enough people express interest and reach the target, the menu becomes an official offering for sale. This prevents unnecessary food stockpiling and prepares just the right amount as needed. Beyond a simple user experience, this contributes to reducing food waste together with the service.

2. Placing Orders

Has your desired plate been selected as today's choice? If yes, place your order quickly. Even if it includes ingredients you don't like, don't worry. You can easily remove unwanted items. To minimize leftover ingredients, Onetwo will assist you.

3. Delivery

The ordered meal prep is packed in a reusable package and delivered right to your doorstep.

4. Storing

Have you ever been surprised by the excessive boxes when receiving eco-friendly groceries? We can't create more household waste to reduce food waste. Simply insert the waste-free meal prep, just as it is, into the station that welcomes Onetwo, without unnecessary packaging waste.
5. Cooking

We take out precisely portioned meal preps from the Station and cook right away. You can easily follow the recipes shared by Plate Creators and create your own dishes.

#2 Show off your sustainable food lifestyle

Struggling with consistent sustainable eating? Onetwo lets anyone to be a Plate Creator, showcasing healthy meals and earning from meal content. From groceries to cooking, Station makes every showcasing step cool!
Cooking, the creator's content

1. Decorating my plate

It's alright if you don't love the photo of your diligently prepared dish. With photo editor filters, any plate picture can turn into an appetizing one.

2. Adding ingredients to your content

Just like sending a message to a friend, input the recipe easily. Based on your input, recommended ingredient tags make recipe creation effortless.
3. Decorating Straps

Congratulations! Your shared plate has gained popularity and has been selected as a producible menu. Selected creators receive Station straps as rewards. The uniquely patterned Station strap, designed to your style, not only adds to your product on Onetwo but also brings a special touch to the delivered meal prep package, giving a unique experience to ordered users.

4. Adding your style to your Station

Once the strap is delivered, customize your Station! You can showcase your cool personal style, and as the straps accumulate, your sustainable taste stands out even more!

5. Receiving Rewards

For creators with selected menus, besides straps, a portion of the sales amount is provided as a reward. To attract more creators, rewards increase as the quantity of valid content grows, offering users a wide range of engaging content. To all creators striving for change with the common interest of "sustainable dining," thank you for sharing your delicious plates!
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    Food Station for Generation Z’s Sustainable Dining
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Redefining your home with "Station"

Even a small house of Generation Z can be unique. With Station, a Forward and double-sided home appliance that you can place in any direction in 360-degree angle, you can redefine your studio and separate the space. Also, it offers you an amazing experience of being a professional chef using an island kitchen table, even in your small house.
Here Like This, There Like That

Onetwo allows for versatile arrangements within a space, enabling a diverse range of change. This flexibility stems from its lightweight mobility. For the innovation-seeking Generation Z, it can serve as an island kitchen table today and a bedside table tomorrow.
  • Expectation
    The Next Phase of Sustainable Dining
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Want to be Sustainable.

Onetwo proposes a new solution to make practicing sustainable dining enjoyable, moving beyond mere obligation. By offering refrigerator that align with the lifestyle of Generation Z, Onetwo prevents food waste and seamlessly integrates a sustainable food consumption culture into their lives. Onetwo anticipates a paradigm shift where sustainability evolves from a "Have to" to a desirable "Want to."
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