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Staying connected with linear tasks

'pitch' is an operating system(OS) that provides interconnection so that you can keep up with your work whenever and wherever you are. In a modern society where we each have our own role, we are creating countless data. However, data are not clearly divded by roles, which makes our work process more complicated and less efficient. What's more, diversification of services and devices has resulted in multiple steps and chaos, cutting off a series of data experience. In order to fascilitate data experience consistent by roles 'pitch' provides data and set value in one connected line.
Generating data by diverse roles

More and more efficient devices and services are being made to meet the needs in today's pluralistic society. We no longer remain on one device or service, but moving in a direction that meets the requirements of each step of the work.

Just as it is now normal for one person to be a design student, a leader of a team project and a Youtube Vlogger,
the types and requirements of individuals are becoming more diversified and complicated.
Disconnected data experience

We generate countless data using different devices and services in each stage of a project. With our roles diversified, our patterns of generating data are also unique. Nonetheless, our data are stored in a disorganized way, without clear distinction. Searching for the data you need to use in a storage filled with jumbled-up different data and patterns is not easy. Moreover, during the process of transporting the data to other devices in each phase of work and applying different method by roles, a series of organized data experience is lost.
Importance of interconnection

Still, users take interconnection of work experience very seriously and try to connect their experience that has been disconnected due to dispersion and transfer of data.
For example, they name their files and folders with certain rules so that they can find data by each step and role, remake the data since they don't want to embark on a journey of searching for the data, or save them on every device they own to use them whenever they want.

Nonetheless, passively categorizing the data gives birth to more files with obscure names and rules such as 'FINAL_DRAFT.pdf', 'FINAL_FINAL_DRAFT(2).pdf', 'NONE_OF_THE_OBOVE_IS_REAL_BUT_THIS_IS(3).pdf'. Moreover, the duplicate files and distributed storage may be useful right now, but consequently make data storage more chaotic. Hence, users' endeavor to connect their data experience rather creates more a more serious disconnection in the future.
Staying connected with linear tasks.
pitch OS
Now is the time for data storage to provide consistent experience to the users who want interconnectedness.
We present 'pitch', the OS that offers data and patterns by role in one interconnected line, and becomes smarter by roles.
Functions of 'pitch' are connected to every device widgets and native app panels with 'pitch' OS.
Make your profile

First, let's make multiple user profiles depending on a vairety of roles.
Once you choose out of the recommended data tags and
once your OS account and the service are linked,
you have your own profiles.
Characters that match your roles are also generated.
Data generated in multiple devices and services are gathered on Cloud and are tagged by profiles.
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    pitch OS
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[Line] Linear tasks by profile

Your profile data are all arranged in a line on a "task flow" panel, regardless of which device or service they are on.
[Pattern] Applying my patterns

Aren't you tried of the same repeated work patterns? With 'pitch', you can save your repeated patterns by roles and apply them to match the work flow. This can effectively cut down your work time.
[Advancement] Getting more fit for me

With more work patterns collected on your profiles, pattern recommendation based on sorted data and flow becomes more accurate.
Furthermore, it perceives repeated patterns that even you didn't realize and turns them into a series of values, enabling a more productive and interconnected work experience.
  • Scenarios
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1. pitch connects ‘everything’
2. pitch with ‘everyone’

In a collaborative work environment where the roles get mixed up, work flow is divided by roles, causing more difficulty due to conjested data and disconnected work. However, 'pitch' connects data through users' patterns, making the interconnected collaborative work possible. Furthermore, you can also improve your patterns by seeing others'.
3. pitch in ‘everywhere’

'pitch' provides the same consistent experience on every device with the OS.
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